Age Spot Removal or Seborrheic Keratosis

Say Goodbye to those
Seborrheic Keratosis (Raised Age Spots)

If you have any spots (raised or unraised, dark or light and especially if they are irregular) on your skin, it is important to have them properly evaluated by a professional. Seborrheic Keratosis are benign spots that are raised on the skin giving the appearance as if they are pasted on the surface of the skin with a velvety or wart like surface. The color of “Seborrheic Keratosis”, “Raised Age Spots” or “Liver Spots” as some people call them vary greatly in color, from darker than your normal skin color or your normal skin tone. If you have seborrheic keratosis lesions a simple evaluation will determine if Eskata SK treatment is right for you. Since Sk’s are benign Eskata treatment is considered an aesthetic treatment and therefore is not covered by insurance.

Meet ESKATA: the first and only FDA-approved
topical treatment for raised SKs.

Eskata Raised Age Spot Treatment before and afterEskata is professionally applied in office topical treatment for raised seborrheic keratosis lesions. The treatment is applied with the soft -tip, pen-like applicator to each raised SK 4 times, approximately 1 minute apart. After treatment you may experience some itching, stinging, swelling, crusting and redness. Results are checked after 3 weeks, at that time your seborrheic keratosis lesions can be treated again with Eskata to obtain optimum results.

What are  Seborrheic Keratosis  (Raised Age Spots) and why do they appear?

Seborrheic keratosis (SK’s) do not develop as a result of any exposure such a sun exposure but as a result of genetic predisposition and age. That is why as time goes on, seborrheic keratosis spots may increase in number or size. Older patients may use the term “liver spots.” You don’t have to be ancient to have them, but their prevalence increases dramatically with the years.

While completely benign when these spots show up on the face, neck or upper trunk, it can make a person feel self-conscious. You don’t have to live with them or hide them any longer with Eskata. Eskata treatment for raised age spots or SK’s is a breakthrough as it is not likely to leave much of a mark like older therapies can, it is effective, safe and is a simple in office professional application.